Generate the code for your Audi radio from the serial number starting with AUZ.

How To Find Your Audi Serial Number on Radio

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Pull out Your Audi Chorus Radio

  • All Audi radios without navigation must be removed from the dashboard to get the serial number.
  • To do this, you just need the radio release buttons pressed into the corners to release the radio from the unit.
  • After removal, your Audi radio will either have a sticker with the serial number printed on it or a serial number engraved into the case. For example AUZ1Z1F6412082.
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Concert Audi code entry

  • Turn on your radio and make sure it displays SAFE.
  • Press and hold the FM 2 and RDS buttons simultaneously until you see “1000” on the screen.
  • Use the 1 – 4 keys to enter the code. Example: If your first digit is a 3, press the 1 key three times. Do the same with the remaining three digits of the code.
  • Enter the code by pressing and holding the FM 2 and RDS buttons until ‘SAFE‘ is displayed. The radio should now work.
audi symphony radio

Bring Out Audi Symphony Radio

  • There are different types of Audi Symphony radios. The standard models need to be removed to get to the serial number on the label.
  • The removal tool needed is shown in this video. You can see the engraved serial number on the side in the disassembly instructions video.
  • For the touch screen navigation systems, the radio will display the serial number for you. Take a look at the next slide if this is your device.
audi navigation

Audi Navigation Serial Numbers

  • The serial number of the Audi navigation system is displayed onthe screen, the serial number is not printed on the label on the back.
  • As shown in the example image, the serial number is displayed at the bottom.
  • Note the serial number “AUZ” and enter the data of the radio to get your code today.

Explanation of Audi radio code

An Audi radio code is a security feature that requires a unique code to be entered in order to unlock the radio and use it after it has been disconnected from the car battery or the radio has been removed from the car.

Importance of Audi radio code

The Audi radio code is an important security feature that prevents the theft of the car radio.

What is an Audi radio code?

The Audi radio code is a unique four-digit security code that is specific to the radio unit in a particular Audi car. The code is required to unlock the radio and use it after it has been disconnected from the car battery or the radio has been removed from the car.

How to find the Audi radio code?

1.Look in the car's manual: The Audi radio code may be listed in the car's manual that came with the car when it was new. This is usually the easiest and most convenient method for finding the radio code.

2.Look on the radio itself: The serial number of the radio unit may be printed on the radio itself, usually on a label located on the side or back of the radio unit. Once the serial number is located, you can use an online radio code generator to get the corresponding radio code.

3.Check Audi's online database: Audi has an online database where car owners can enter their car's VIN number and radio serial number to retrieve the radio code. This can be a useful backup option if the car manual and the radio unit itself don't have the radio code information.

4.Contact an Audi dealership: If none of the above options work, car owners can contact an Audi dealership to obtain the radio code. However, this can be a time-consuming and expensive option compared to the other methods.

Steps to enter the Audi radio code

A.Turn on the radio: Make sure the radio is turned on and the display shows “SAFE.”

B. Input the code: Enter the four-digit code using the radio buttons. Make sure to press each button only once, and wait for the radio to beep before entering the next digit.

C. Troubleshooting tips: If the code is entered incorrectly three times, the radio will lock up and display “SAFE.” Wait one hour before trying again. If the radio displays “OFF” instead of “SAFE,” it means that too many incorrect attempts have been made, and the radio must be left on for at least one hour to reset.

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How to get your car radio code

Whatever the make of the car, the radio code is calculated from the serial number. This serial number is always found on the label attached to the box or on the display in some cases. Please note that it is not possible to calculate the code from the VIN.

You can find detailed information on how to find this number by visiting the page of the car model that belongs to you. Once this series is located, enter it in our powerful calculator and let the magic happen. Confirm your model, choose a payment method and receive the code instantly!