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Get your code in seconds

Have you lost the activation code of your Fiat car radio? Don't worry; it's a prevalent problem with an easy solution, as long as you are in the right place, and you are! With our online generator, you can retrieve the precious code easily. Just enter the serial number of your radio in the generator above and follow the simple process. The whole unlocking process takes, at most, 10 minutes.

Get Your Code In 3 Steps!

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Locate the Serial Number

Each radio has a unique identification number, called serial number. This number is required to retrieve the activation code. You can find it on the label attached to the unit case. For more info, see the the section bellow.

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Enter the serial number in the generator at the top of the page. Try to avoid making any mistakes, as the resulting four-digit code will differ. If the serial is correct, you can proceed to checkout, where you can pay using PayPal or Card.

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Receive Radio Code

After initiating the payment, it takes a few seconds to verify, after which the 4-digit code instantly displays on the screen! There are a few cases where the code takes up to 30 minutes to generate. We'll do our best to send it as soon as possible.

Find your Fiat Serial Number

You must extract the radio to be able to see the serial number. You can find info about the extraction process on YouTube (by searching for your Fiat model and year). Depending on the manufacturer of the radio (i.e., Blaupunkt, Continental, Bosch, Visten, TopPower, DAIICHI, etc), the serial number has a different format. You will almost always see this identifier above or below the barcode. We advise you to look at the pictures of the slider or the examples below to be able to identify yours. Example of a few valid serial numbers:

  • BP730076696171
  • M010915
  • I961
  • A2C9985220200004240
  • U5389
  • CM8526 A 4410097

If you are having trouble finding your serial, you may have an incompatible model. Please take a look at the section below.

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Incompatible Radio Models

There are several radio models for which it is impossible to get the code online. Usually, this happens with Brazilian Fiat models. Still, there are also some European ones, such as the units manufactured by Magneti Marelli, Mopar, Delphi, and Anatel. Please take a look at the slider pictures.

Why Us?

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Fast Code Retrieval

Our systems are automated, and in most cases, the radio code of your Fiat displays on the screen at the time of purchase. Only in the case of DAIICHI radios, the unlocking process takes up to 30 minutes.

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Highly Reviewed Service

The internet is a jungle, and we understand that you may be skeptical. That's why we invite you to look at the opinions of over 130 users who have already tried our service. You can read our reviews on the independent Trustpilot platform.

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Money-back Guarantee

We have so much faith in our service that we shout it out: If you are unsatisfied, we will refund your money thoroughly and immediately. All you have to do is let us know in the chat. Our staff will take care of it right away.

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Fiat Radio Code Free

The price of a Fiat radio code is at most 10 euros. However, if you are still looking for how to get it for free, we recommend this app. In some instances, for example, for radios made by Blaupunkt, you can ask us for the code for free in the chat. Don't forget to mention the code "FREEFIAT2076" to let our staff know what it is.

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Why do I Need a Code?

You might be facing a scenario where your Fiat radio requests a code, leaving you puzzled. This is because all audio units are protected against theft by this code. However, as time passes, the value of these units has decreased a lot, and no one tries to steal them anymore, so the code becomes a problem for the rightful owner. If you don't have the code and you don't want to lock the radio, you have to prevent blackouts (dead or changed battery, alternator change, dead fuse).

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How to Enter Fiat Radio Code

Congratulations on getting your 4-digit activation code. Now it's time to enter it so you can start enjoying your audio system again. For most models, enter the four digits, and that's all. If your radio struggles, please see the instructions for each radio model in YouTube Playlist. Try not to enter random codes, some radios lock up for 60 minutes (time in which it must remain on) after three attempts.

Radio Code Finder by Brand

Choose your car or radio brand to see tailored unlocking instructions.

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About us

We're a passionate team of experienced radio decoders with over a decade in the business (and still just as excited about it!). While many of our radio codes are offered free, certain codes require specialized decoding tools and extra effort, for which we do have a small charge. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices out there. If you find a lower price online, not only will we match it, but we'll also refund the difference. Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you to explore our profile on Trustpilot.

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Simone 13 Nov 2023
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codice fiat 500 fornito e funzionante. cliente molto soddisfatto.

Cosmin 05 Nov 2023
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correct code fiat 500 received. tried a few sites before and none worked, recommended.

Fabio 27 Sep 2023
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Best app, never deceiving me. Ordered a few Fiat codes and all of them worked. logo