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Unlock your Ford radio swiftly and seamlessly using our dedicated calculator. Our platform, backed by expert and friendly support, guarantees a smooth experience with the assurance of secure transactions through PayPal or card payments via Stripe. Experience the ease of instant unlock and join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have shared numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. Step into a hassle-free world of music and rediscover the joy of uninterrupted tunes with us today.

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Achieve instant unlock with our Ford radio code service, paired with unparalleled expert support. Our team is equipped to provide assistance at every step, promising a hassle-free experience and swift solution to your radio code needs.

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Experience the convenience of safe and diverse payment options. Choose between secure PayPal and card payments through Stripe, ensuring your transaction is protected. Our priority is to offer a smooth and trustworthy service, cemented by our positive reviews on Trustpilot.

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Our service stands out with a moneyback guarantee, showcasing our confidence in providing you with the best. Coupled with great and friendly chat support, we aim to offer a satisfying experience, reflected in the positive reviews we've garnered on Trustpilot.

Finding Your Serial Number

Discovering the serial of your Ford radio is a straightforward process. For specific models like the 6000 CD and Sony, the serial number is conveniently displayed directly on the radio screen. However, for several other models, a quick removal of the radio unit is necessary to locate the serial number, which generally begins with a V, M, or BP. Rest assured, detailed instructions for identifying the serial number across all Ford radio models are readily available on this page to assist you in this simple procedure.

  • V102901 - 6000 CD
  • SOCD1XV109103 - Sony CD
  • M102003 - 6000 CD RDS EON / Sony
  • AAH201001 - Ford Ecosport
  • VCOAKR1201920 - Ford Figo
  • BP1029A0211182 - Travelpilot
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How to Retrieve Your Radio Code

Simplifying the Ford Radio Code Recovery Process

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Locate Your Serial Number

Utilize the information on this page to find your radio's serial number. For some models, this can be found on the display screen, while for others, it might be labeled on the radio hardware itself.


Secure Payment Process

Next, proceed to make a secure payment using your preferred method. We accept both PayPal and card payments through Stripe, ensuring a protected transaction process at every step.

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Receive Your Ford Radio Code

After completing the payment, you will receive your Ford radio code swiftly. Our system is designed to generate the code very fast, enabling you to unlock your radio in no time.

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Can I Get My Ford Radio Code for Free?

We are excited to offer select Ford car owners complimentary radio codes for various models, enhancing your overall experience. To avail this exclusive service, initiate a chat with us on our platform. Simply provide the serial number of your radio unit, and if eligible, our friendly team will promptly supply you with a free radio code. This swift and simple process is a testament to our dedication to exceptional customer service at every stage of your journey with us.

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Why Do I Need My Ford Radio Code?

Your Ford radio code is essential as it acts as a security feature to protect your radio system from unauthorized use. In instances such as battery failure or radio removal, the system will lock itself. Having your radio code allows you to unlock and use your radio seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted access to your favorite tunes and stations. Moreover, retrieving your code through our secure and reliable generator prevents potential complications and keeps your device safe from potential misuse.

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My Ford Radio Reads "LOCKED"

In the event that the message 'LOCKED' manifests on your screen, preventing you from inputting a code, it signifies that ten incorrect codes have been entered previously. A potential solution is to press and hold button 6 for approximately ten seconds; this should grant you an additional three attempts to input the correct code. Please proceed with caution, as exhausting these attempts will trigger a permanent lock indicated by the message 'Lockd 13', at which point the issue can only be resolved by a certified Ford dealership.

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How to Enter Ford Radio Code

For many Ford radio models, inputting the code is quite straightforward. Follow the instructions:

  1. Entering the Code: The procedure for inputting the code involves using buttons 1 to 4 to input each digit of your unique code sequentially. Here's how to do it:
    • Button 1: Press button 1 multiple times until the first digit of your specific code is displayed on the screen. Take care to input this digit accurately to avoid any potential errors.
    • Button 2: Next, transition to button 2, employing a similar tactic: press it repeatedly until the second numeral of your code appears.
    • Button 3: Moving forward, use button 3 to input the third digit of your code, pressing repeatedly until the correct number is displayed.
    • Button 4: Lastly, employ button 4 to display the final digit of your code, again pressing multiple times until the correct digit appears.
  2. Code Submission:
    • Button 5: With all four digits accurately displayed on the screen, confidently press button 5 to submit your entry. This final step should successfully unlock your radio system, granting you access to its functionalities.

We encourage you to undertake this process with a blend of patience and precision to ensure a successful code entry. Should you encounter any difficulties or require clarification, our support team is always at hand to assist you, making sure you can enjoy your radio features without a hitch.

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We're a passionate team of experienced radio decoders with over a decade in the business (and still just as excited about it!). While many of our radio codes are offered free, certain codes require specialized decoding tools and extra effort, for which we do have a small charge. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices out there. If you find a lower price online, not only will we match it, but we'll also refund the difference. Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you to explore our profile on Trustpilot.

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Best service over internet. Got my code in just minutes

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Could not ask for more, they sent my code at the instant. Kisses guys! 😘 logo