Get Your Ford Radio Code Free

Are you a Ford car owner in need of your radio code? Look no further! Our Ford Radio Code Free Generator can help you retrieve your code quickly and easily. Simply enter your serial number and get your code for free.

Get Your Ford Radio Code Free

If you're a Ford car owner and find yourself in need of your radio code, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Ford Radio Code Free Generator is a simple and efficient way to retrieve your code quickly and easily. All you need to do is enter your serial number and you'll receive your code for free.

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To get started, locate the serial number of your Ford radio. It usually starts with the letters V, M, BP, or C7. This serial number is unique to your radio and is necessary to generate the correct code. Once you have your serial number, simply enter it into our Ford Radio Code Free Generator.

Our generator will then process your serial number and generate your unique radio code. This code will allow you to unlock your radio and regain access to all the features and functions it has to offer. It's a simple and hassle-free process that will save you time and money.

With our Ford Radio Code Free Generator, there's no need to worry about costly trips to the dealership or complicated procedures. We make it easy for you to retrieve your code and get back on the road in no time. Don't let a locked radio be an inconvenience - let our generator help you unlock it today.

How to find my Ford radio serial number

Here is how to find your serial number in function of the radio model you have.

6000CD Radio Model

Please read carefully the instructions.

Procedure 1: Using buttons 1 and 6

  1. Power ON the radio. If the display reads "Code", proceed.
  2. Firmly hold down buttons 1 and 6 for about three seconds.
  3. Over the next thirty seconds, closely observe the display. The serial number, which starts with a 'V' followed by six digits, should appear in the final ten seconds. For example: V200290.
ford 6000cd radio serial

Source: Radio Code Ford

Procedure 2: For the "Enter code" prompt

  1. If the radio prompts with "Enter code" upon start-up, ensure it's powered ON.
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously for several seconds.
  3. The displayed string will contain your serial number at its end, usually the last seven characters. For instance, if you see FDD2006M078787, then M078787 is your serial.

Procedure 3: Physically accessing the unit

  1. If neither Procedure 1 nor 2 yield results:
  2. The next step involves removing the stereo unit to view the serial.
  3. You would require specific extraction keys available online for purchase. However, if you don't have them, improvising, as illustrated in the accompanying video, is also an option.

SONY Radio Model (newer than 2008)

  1. Turn on the radio and hold buttons 1 and 6 for three seconds.
  2. Different information starts displaying on screen for thirty seconds.
  3. The serial appears at the end with this format: SOCD1XBV123456.

RDS Radio Models (older than 2006)

You can find the serial number of this model only on the side label of the radio case. To see it, you have to remove the radio.

How to remove the radio

This model can be easily removed even without the removal keys. You can do this with four fine screwdrivers. Insert them into the four extraction holes and press down on opposite sides while pulling the radio out.

ford rds radio serial

If you are still having trouble finding your serial number or have any other questions, it is recommended to contact us via chat. We're going to help you to locate it and retrieve your Ford radio code for free.

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