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Obtaining the code for your Ford car radio following a power disruption such as a dead fuse or battery replacement can be a straightforward process by providing the serial number. For radios manufactured in 2004 or later, the serial number can often be accessed on the screen by holding down buttons 1 and 6 or sometimes 2 and 6. If your radio predates this, you can locate the serial number on the label attached to the side of the case.

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Ford radio serial numbers

In general, Ford radio units can be identified by their unique serial numbers which consist of a combination of letters and numbers. These serial numbers are essential in determining the specific model and version of the radio, and are required to calculate the radio unlock code.

The serial number is usually located on a label or sticker on the radio unit itself, or it may be printed on the packaging or documentation that came with the radio. To locate the serial number for your Ford radio, you can simply look for the label or sticker on the unit, or refer to the documentation that accompanied the radio. Additionally, there are some easy methods you can use to locate the serial number.

Typically, the most common serial numbers for Ford radio models start with the letters “M” or “V”, followed by 6 digits. For navi models, the serial numbers often start with “C7” or “BP”, followed by additional digits.


ford radio code
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How do I get my Ford radio code?

For certain units, such as the 6000 CD and Sony models, you can retrieve the serial number by pressing and holding the radio buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously, which will initiate the scrolling of information. The serial number will be displayed at the end. In the case of the 4500 RDS unit, you should use the buttons 2 and 6 instead.

It is important to note that the radio serial number must start with either the letter M or V, followed by six digits (e.g., M######, V######, FDC2005M######, SOCD6X7V######). Exact instructions for obtaining the serial number for Sony, 6000 CD, and 4500 RDS models can be found on our website. If you have a different model, you will need to remove the unit to see the serial number.

My serial no. is not displayed on screen

There are several ways to locate the serial number of your Ford radio. You can:

  1. Refer to the documentation that came with your Ford vehicle: When you bought your car, it may have included a manual or other paperwork that contains details about the radio, including its serial number.
  2. Check the back sticker of the radio: Some radios have a sticker on the back or underneath, which displays the serial number. You may need to remove the radio from the dashboard or console to see the sticker.
  3. If you have an older radio model such as a 6000 CD radio that doesn’t display the serial, a navigation unit, or any other radio manufactured before 2004, you will need to take it out to find the serial number. Removing it is easy, as long as you have the appropriate removal tools. You can find these tools on Amazon or eBay by searching for “Ford radio removal keys”.
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Radio code generator compatibility

This free website can generate the code for any original radio or navigation found in European-made Ford models such as Focus, Fiesta, Transit, Mondeo, and others. Additionally, it may be possible to unlock select radios from Australia and Africa using this service. The code for all radios is generated based on their serial number, without any exceptions. It’s essential to use the serial number displayed on the radio screen or the back label, rather than the one provided in the manual or radio card since the code will be the same. Some of the compatible models include:

  • TravelPilot Sat Nav
  • Blaupunkt
  • 2006 RDS
  • 3000 RDS & TRAFFIC
  • 3500 RDS EON
  • 4500 RDS EON
  • 4000 RDS & TRAFFIC
  • 5000 RDS
  • 6000 CD
  • 6006 RDS EON
  • 7000 RDS
  • SONY CD & CD132


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How to get your car radio code

Whatever the make of the car, the radio code is calculated from the serial number. This serial number is always found on the label attached to the box or on the display in some cases. Please note that it is not possible to calculate the code from the VIN.

You can find detailed information on how to find this number by visiting the page of the car model that belongs to you. Once this series is located, enter it in our powerful calculator and let the magic happen. Confirm your model, choose a payment method and receive the code instantly!