Get your VW RCD310 / RCD310 Radio Code

Whether you have the RCD310, RCD300, or RCD210 model, obtaining the code is a breeze. Discover how to instantly retrieve it online!

How Can I Get My VW RCD 300 Radio Code?

Every RCD radio model features a security lock. To reactivate and use it, a unique 4-digit code is required. While each radio has its distinct code, you can swiftly retrieve yours through our service. Just provide the 14-character serial number located on the back of the radio.

We stand by our service, offering a full money-back guarantee if the code doesn't work. Should you encounter any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat. We pride ourselves on rapid responses.

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Finding Your RCD300 / RCD310 Radio Serial Number

The serial number for your RCD300, RCD310 or RCD210 radio is a key piece of information that you'll need for the code unlock. This number can be found on a sticker attached to the radio's metal casing, typically either above or below the barcode. The serial number begins with "VWZ" and is 14 characters long.

In order to view this sticker and find the serial number, you will need to extract the radio from your car. While this may seem like a daunting task, it's actually quite straightforward and usually takes only a few minutes. The extraction process involves carefully prying off the trim and removing the retaining bolts that secure the radio in place1. A flat object like a putty knife or a plastic pry bar can be useful for this task2,3.

If you're uncertain about how to proceed, there are plenty of resources available online to guide you. For instance, this YouTube Playlist provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove a car radio and should be particularly helpful.

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My RCD300 displays "SAFE"

When you start inputting your radio code, if the display changes from "SAFE" to "1000", this means that the system is ready for you to enter the correct code. At this point, you can proceed with entering your specific radio code.

However, if you see "2 SAFE" on the display and it doesn't change status, this indicates that too many incorrect codes have been entered previously. In order to reset the system and regain the ability to enter a code, you will need to leave your radio powered on for 60 minutes.

Please note that during this 60-minute period, your car does not need to be running. All you need to do is to turn the key to the accessory position (usually one click before the 'ON' or 'RUN' position). This will supply power to the radio without starting the engine or draining too much of your car's battery.

After the 60 minutes have passed, your radio should reset and allow you another chance to input the correct code. Remember to enter the code carefully to avoid locking the system again.

Enter VW RCD Radio Code

The code you need to input is a 4-digit number, ranging from 0 to 9. Even though your radio only has buttons from 1 to 6, you can still enter your code by using the following method:

For instance, let's say your code is 2025. Here's how you would enter it:

After you've entered all four digits of your code, you can submit it. This is typically done by pressing the ">" button.

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