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Reliable Volkswagen Radio Code Retrieval

Our Radio Code Finder specializes in retrieving your VW Touran radio code swiftly and reliably. We offer expert support, friendly chat service, and a strong reputation backed by Trustpilot reviews. Our payment methods are safe, accepting PayPal and card payments via Stripe. If we can't find your code, we provide a money-back guarantee.

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YFor fast and secure VW radio code retrieval.

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Instant Code Retrieval

Forget long waits. With Radio Code Finder, you get your VW radio code in an instant. Our system is designed to retrieve codes fast, ensuring you're back to enjoying music on your Volkswagen Touran as soon as possible.

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Secure Payments

Your financial safety is our priority. That's why we use secure platforms like PayPal and Stripe for transactions. Whether you pay with a card or through PayPal, rest assured that your details are protected.

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Trusted Service

We pride ourselves on our reputation. Verified by Trustpilot, our service has been praised for its reliability and efficiency. If we fail to find your VW radio code, we offer a money-back guarantee, making our service risk-free.

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Finding Your Serial Number

The serial number for your VW Touran is located on the radio label, either above or below the barcode. To access this label, you'll need to extract the radio. Some serial number examples are VWZ1Z7A1200012 and VWZ1Z2I5406494. For detailed instructions on how to pull out the radio, we recommend this YouTube Playlist.

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How to Retrieve Your Radio Code

Simple, quick, and secure service.

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Locate Serial Number

Find your VW Touran radio's unique serial number using the information provided on this page.


Secure Payment

Once you have your serial number, proceed to make a secure payment via card or PayPal.

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Get Your Code

After payment, you will receive your VW Touran radio code quickly and securely.

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Can I get my VW Touran radio code for free?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to get your VW Touran radio code for free. Each radio has a unique serial number linked to a unique 4-digit code. There is no public database or list that can be used to decode it. Only official systems, like ours, can successfully retrieve it.

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Why Do I Need My VW Touran Radio Code?

Your VW Touran radio code is necessary to unlock your car radio after power disconnection, such as after a battery replacement or removal. This security feature is designed to deter theft, but it can also lock out the owner. That's where our service comes in, providing a quick, reliable, and secure way to retrieve your radio code.

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My Volkswagen Radio Reads "SAFE"

In the event that you have inputted incorrect radio codes multiple times, your radio will enter a locked state, presenting a "SAFE" or "SAFE 2" message. When this occurs, just keep your radio switched ON for an hour. Following this period, it will revert to its default condition, giving you another chance to key in the right code. This security measure offers enhanced protection against unauthorized usage.

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How to enter VW Radio Code

Great job securing your VW radio code! Let's get that music playing again. While each model has slight variations, the following steps should generally guide you through the process:

  1. Turn the radio on by moving its switch to the ON position.
  2. For the first digit of your code, repeatedly press button 1 until the correct number displays.
  3. For the next digits, employ the same method using buttons 2, 3, and 4 in order.
  4. Once you've entered the entire code, press the "OK" button to confirm. If there isn't an "OK" button, the ">>" button should work as an alternative.

Should you face any hiccups along the way, this YouTube Playlist tailored to specific VW models might be of great assistance.

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We're a passionate team of experienced radio decoders with over a decade in the business (and still just as excited about it!). While many of our radio codes are offered free, certain codes require specialized decoding tools and extra effort, for which we do have a small charge. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices out there. If you find a lower price online, not only will we match it, but we'll also refund the difference. Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you to explore our profile on Trustpilot. logo