Nissan Micra Radio Code Retrieval

Get the code for your Nissan Micra radio from the serial number found on the screen or unit case label.

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How to get your code

Listening only to the engine noise can be a pain, especially on the longest routes. Retrieve the 4-digit activation code of your Micra's audio unit in less than 10 minutes! All you need is the serial number, which can be found on the radio's display or the label attached to the unit's case (depending on the model). We guarantee the correct code. What are you waiting for to start listening to your favorite music again?

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Instant Unlock

Most radios mounted on Micra K12 and K13 cars are manufactured by Blaupunkt, which our system unlocks without waiting. You will see your 4-digit code on the page right after payment. If you have other model, the code may take up to 30 minutes in being processed.

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You don't have to blindly believe us. Some customers have already reviewed our service on the independent Trustpilot platform. We have more than 140 reviews, averaging 4.2 out of 5. We invite you to take a look at our profile.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee for any case of dissatisfaction. If your code does not work, open the chat and send us a photo with the serial number. Our staff will check it immediately, and if there is not solution, you'll get a full and immediate refund.

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Finding Blaupunkt Serial Number

To obtain the radio code for the Blaupunkt unit, commonly installed in Micra vehicles, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Extract the unit from the central console.
  • Look on the side of the radio, there should be a label with different information on it.
  • Identify the serial number near the barcode. This number always starts with BP and is followed by 12 other characters.
  • Example of a valid serial: BP539369342101.
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Nissan Daewoo radio displaying unlock info

Finding your Nissan Daewoo Info

To avoid having to remove the radio, we can apply a simple trick. You must enter any wrong code (for example, 2222) three times. After these attempts, the radio is locked for 60 minutes while displaying the unlock information. To calculate the correct code, you need to double-check the Serial#, Part#, and Prod Date#.

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Photos of Micra Clarion and Blaupunkt radio labels

Different Radio Model

Even if your Micra has another type of radio installed, you can still retrieve the code. You must remove the radio to find the serial number needed to unlock it. Find this identifier on the back label. Some examples:

  • BP538369342101
  • CL052460108668
  • PP3001B1028102
  • PN2684B0030111
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Locate Radio Info

Each radio has its unique identification data. It is necessary to find yours (as described above) to calculate the exact 4-digit activation code. Before proceeding, please double-check your unit data; it is very important to generate the correct code.

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Enter the serial number (and other required data if applicable). An automatic system will check them and give you the go-ahead before sending you to the shopping cart, where you can securely checkout using your card, Apple Pay or PayPal account.

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Receive Code

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to the confirmation page, where you can see the code immediately (if your unit is Blaupunkt) or after a few minutes (in the case of any other model). The order details and the order link are sent to your email.

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Nissan Micra Radio Code For Free

If you are not willing to pay for immediate service, we offer you the possibility of getting your code for free through our chat. Send us a message with the text "FREENISSANMICRA2076" and the serial number (or a picture of the label of your radio). Someone from our team will send you the code within a few hours. Please note that we can only provide you with a free Nissan code if the radio is manufactured by Blaunkt, i.e., has a serial number starting with BP.

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Can I Get Code From VIN?

It is not possible to obtain the activation code without the serial number. If the radio is a Touch & Connect or Daewoo model, then you also need the part number or device number and the date of manufacture. The VIN only helps to identify you as the car's owner, and it doesn't have information regarding radio tied to it.

Nissan Micra radio with enter code button indication

Enter Nissan Micra Radio Code

To enter your Micra radio code, start by turning your unit ON. Ensure you see "0000" on the screen and press button 1 as many times as necessary to enter the first digit of the code. For example, to enter 5, press the button five times. Enter the remaining three digits using buttons 2, 3, and 4. Make sure the display shows the exact code you received, and press the "up arrow" button to confirm. If everything is correct, the display will show "CODE" and then "RADIO" and the radio will start operating normally.

Find your radio model in this to better understand how to enter the radio code for your radio model.

Other Nissan Models

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We're a passionate team of experienced radio decoders with over a decade in the business (and still just as excited about it!). While many of our radio codes are offered free, certain codes require specialized decoding tools and extra effort, for which we do have a small charge. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices out there. If you find a lower price online, not only will we match it, but we'll also refund the difference. Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you to explore our profile on Trustpilot. logo