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Lookup Your Jeep Radio Code

Had to swap out your car's battery or alternator, and the radio started asking for a code? No stress! We've got your back. With our nifty generator, you can retrieve any Jeep radio code using the serial number from the sticker on the back of your radio. Just pop that serial number into the form above, complete the payment, and you'll get your code quickly.

Your Code in Three Steps

Why complicate things? Leave the effort to us!

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Locate Serial Number

The serial number is required for radio code generation. Extract your radio from the console's center (see more info bellow) and locate the serial number above the barcode.

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Make the Payment

Enter the serial number in the generator, provide a contact form (email or phone number) and make the payment securely by credit card (processed by Stripe) or PayPal.

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Receive Radio Code

Once the payment is processed, the 4-digit code for your Jeep radio appears on the screen. Please note that specific models may take up to 30 minutes to process.

Find your Serial Number

All Jeep radios are manufactured by Chrysler or Becker. To find the serial number, you must extract the radio (you can find information on how to do this on YouTube - see videos). Once you can see the label attached to the box, locate the serial number above the barcode.

On some newer versions of radios with navigation, you can see the serial number on the display, eliminating the need to remove the radio. Next you can see examples of a valid serial number.

  • T Q1 AA 235 A 1782
  • T 00 AM 131 6 H1357
  • T M9 301 3 00126
  • T0MYD058910824
  • T0012123270420
  • A2972756
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Why Choose Us?

Discover the top three convincing reasons to opt for our service:

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Ultra-Fast Service

While you can find many solutions with a simple Google search, all that glitters is not gold! If you use our service, you will not only get the correct code, but you will get it as fast as possible. We proudly provide one of the fastest solutions to get your Jeep radio code.

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Safety First

Everyone knows that the Internet is a jungle, especially regarding money. That's why we offer you payment methods at the highest standard. You can pay for our services using PayPal and credit or debit cards processed by Stripe (one of the most secure in the world).

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Full Money-Back Guarantee

With our service, you are assured of satisfaction. Suppose the code you have paid for does not work. In that case, we will solve it within minutes (in case of incorrectly entered serial number, etc.) or give you a full and immediate refund. No questions asked, no buts!

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Jeep Radio Code Free

Don't let them fool you. The process to derive a code for Jeep is a very complex one (often involving official sources), which prevents anyone from giving out those codes for free. If someone presumes to do so, tread carefully. We are aware of several websites that are just trying to get you to fill out a questionnaire or take advantage of your data for malicious purposes. However, if you want to give it a try, you can use this Android app which offers a limited number of codes for free.

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Why Do I Need a Code?

All audio units mounted in Jeep cars have a security measure to prevent unauthorized use. This measure, in this case, is the locking of the radio employing a 4-digit code. However, this measure has gone from being an inconvenience to the wrongdoers and has become a problem for the owners. You must enter this code to enjoy the audio system again if the power is interrupted (battery or alternator change, dead fuse, etc).

Enter Jeep radio code

How to Enter Jeep Radio Code

Do you already have the code? Congratulations! Now it's time to enter it and start listening to your favorite songs again. Due to the many radio models, introducing the radio code is different but usually intuitive and easy. If you cannot enter yours, we recommend searching for your model in this YouTube list.

Radio Code Finder by Brand

Choose your car or radio brand to see tailored unlocking instructions.

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About us

We're a passionate team of web developers experienced in car electronics with over a decade in the business (and still just as excited about it!). While many of our radio codes are free, some require specialized decoding tools and extra effort, for which we charge a small fee. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices out there. If you find a lower price online, not only will we match it, but we'll also refund the difference. Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you to explore our Trustpilot profile.

Need a code for any other car brand? Check all the models here.

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Gustavo 02 Nov 2023
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se me murio la bateria y me quede sin la radio pero gracias a esta gente lo tengo de vuelta. increible servicio de verdad.

Hector 27 Sep 2023
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I have a garage here on Texas, sometimes customers have code problem which I solve everytime using this site. Really professional and fast delivery. logo