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Volkswagen Radio Code Online Unlock

Did you lost your VW radio code? Silence can be frustrating, especially on long trips. Fortunately, you've come to the perfect place. With our generator, you can retrieve your 4-digit code in less than 15 seconds. All you need is the radio serial number, which you can find on the label attached to the unit case. What are you waiting for? Regain access to your radio now!

Why us?

Here are the top three compelling reasons to choose our service:

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Instant Generator

Maybe you plan to go on a trip or don't want to wait a minute longer to use your radio. Using our generator, you will have your radio code in less than a snap of your fingers. It's essential to enter the serial number correctly to ensure the code generates instantly.

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Specialized Support

When it comes to support, nobody likes bots. Get answers to your questions or help with your problems from a human specialized in radio decoding. We are at your disposal in the chat every day of the week, from 8 am to 8 pm (timezone GMT +1). Don't be shy; write to us even if you want to say "Hello".

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Money-back Guarantee

Our refund policy is straightforward: If you are not satisfied (the code does not work regardless of the reason), we will give you a full and immediate refund of the money paid. If your code does not work, open the chat and add a photo showing the serial number (on the label). Our team will take care of the rest.

VW radio serial number vwz1z2

Finding your Volkswagen radio serial

Pull out the radio and check the label on the side of the box. Typically, the serial number appears above or below the bar code and begins with VWZ. Example: VWZ2Z2A1234567.

Extracting a VW radio is easy and only takes minutes; however, the procedure can vary based on the car model. Check out this list to view each model's removal processes.

Get code

How unlocking works

Get your radio code effortlessly with just three straightforward steps.

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Serial Number

Find the serial number that identifies your audio unit. You can find it above the barcode on the label attached to the side of the radio. Please find more information on how to find it in the section below.

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Enter the serial number in the generator at the top of the page. Once validated, please make the payment of the amount shown using one of our payment methods: PayPal, Card, Google Play payments, or Apple Payments.

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Receive Code

Once the payment is completed, your order starts to be processed. The code will appear on the page within 10 seconds. We will send a copy to your email address so you will always have it accessible. Contact us if you need help.

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Get Your VW Radio Code for Free

Getting a Volkswagen code is complicated since it is more complex than looking it up in a list or database. Each serial number is different, which means there are infinite variations. Therefore, getting a code for free is difficult, but if you can't afford it, open the chat and paste the code "FREEVW2076". Our team will know what it is about and will let you know the conditions so you can get your code in less than 30 minutes.

4-digit radio code lock

What is a Stereo Code?

The VW radio code is a security measure implemented by Volkswagen to protect the radios against malicious use. Over the years, this measure has ceased to be helpful (since no one tries to steal such a unit) but has become a problem for the owners since, in time, the card with the code is lost. You can find more info about codes in this article by Lifewire. In short, you must have the four digits of your code to use the radio after you have locked it. The lock will occur after each power interruption.

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My VW Radio Reads "SAFE"

After entering several wrong codes, Volkswagen radios will display the message SAFE or 2 SAFE on the screen. This means you cannot make any more attempts and avoids the possible abuse of trying to guess the radio code. To be able to enter a code again, you must leave the radio powered ON for 60 minutes. The engine doesn't need to be running; leaving the key in the accessory position is sufficient. After this time passes you'll be able to to enter a code again. In the case the radio don't respond, remove the battery connector for half a minute and then try again.

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Code Not Working

The codes we generate are the original factory-assigned codes. If the code you received does not work, please get in touch with us and send us a picture of the radio label (where the serial number is visible). We will check that everything is ok and generate another code if that is the case. The factory code will not work in a few instances due to memory tampering (you can see the broken warranty seal). In these cases, the only solution is to read the memory via the DUMP file.

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Read code from DUMP file

If you know how to read your radio's DUMP file, you can get your Volkswagen's radio code for free even if the memory has been tampered with. We can't help but recommend the Digital Kaos forum radio codes sections. On this forum, several active users will read the code for you in a matter of hours.

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How to Extract the Radio

The removal process of a VW radio differs depending on the model and year of manufacture of the car. Usually, you only need a trim removal tool and a screwdriver. Use the trim tool to remove the mold surrounding the audio unit to access the four holding screws. Pull the stereo unit out once these four screws are removed until you can see the sticker on the top or side. We recommend that you take a picture of this label before reassembling it.

We recommend the use of plastic tools to avoid scratching the radio frames. When removing the radio, do so gently to avoid disconnecting any wires.

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Sound Not Working

It is possible that after activation of the radio, everything works correctly except that you cannot hear anything in the speakers. This problem is mainly due to the speaker connector being unplugged. In this case, you should remove the unit again and ensure all connectors are properly plugged in. If you cannot do so, we recommend seeing a professional.

VW Radio Enter Code photo

How to enter VW Radio Code

Congratulations on obtaining your VW radio code! Now, it's time to input it and start using the radio. For it, follow the next steps:

  1. Power ON the radio and ensure it reads CODE or 1000.
  2. Repeatedly press the button 1 to enter the first digit of the code.
  3. Repeat this process for the subsequent digits using buttons 2, 3, and 4 respectively.
  4. To confirm the code, press the "OK" button. If you don't see an "OK" option, try holding ">>".

Confirming the code after entering it is essential; use the corresponding button. If the code stays on the screen, you are not confirming it. If, after confirming the code, the stereo unit asks for the code again or says "SAFE" then the code you are entering is incorrect.

Radio Code Finder by Brand

Choose your car or radio brand to see tailored unlocking instructions.

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About us

We specialize in electronic engineering and have dealt with radio codes for over two years. Using our techniques, we get any Volkswagen audio unit's original SAFE code (factory set) with a serial number starting with VWZ. This tool is intended for the owners of the audio units (and not for the wrongdoers), and we ensure it since we can only get the code for cars older than 2015. A radio over 7 years old is of no interest to any offender due to its low price on the second-hand market.

Every day, we work hard to provide a high-quality service to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. We invite you to look at our Trustpilot profile, where some customers have left their reviews.

We are an independent service and do not agree with the Volkswagen trademark. The name, logo, or other related elements belong to them and are used on this website for identification purposes.

Rating and reviews

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Based on 11 ratings

South Garage 10 Nov 2023
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A few days ago my battery died and I had to replace it in my vw Polo car. After I installed the new one, the radio repently misconfigured. Looking on google I was able to find this website. In a few seconds I had the working code. Fantastic!!! fast and accurate as promised. I'm recommending it it to all my friends which have a radio code related problem. Thank you very much team for the awesome work made here.

Jabcob 09 Nov 2023
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i'm really impressed...i've been driving my golf v for months with the radio locked. yesterday a friend mounted in my car and he noticed the code is missing and told me I can get it from this site from the serial number. he helped me to extract the stereo, I got the vwz1z2 serial number and entered in this page. I had to make a payment of 8.99 eur and the code printed at instant on screen. really excited I entered code and confirmed and radio starting working! awesome service, worth any penny

Fatai chitou 08 Nov 2023
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very good service and fast happy to deal with you good luck

Adriano 07 Nov 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

Il miglior servizio in circolazione, ho ricevuto il codice per la mia polo in meno di cinque secondi.

Stefan 06 Nov 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

very quick but the code did not worked the first time. I had to contact them and after sending my label with the serial they generated a new code for me which worked.

Andrew 07 Oct 2023
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rating stars disabled

Super program...fast and correct code

Paul 02 Oct 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

Very nice and quick. The code was correct.

Lamond 02 Oct 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

excellent service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gazolin 02 Oct 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

Best of the best

Neamtu 28 Sep 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

It has been promised as instant service but took almost two hours. However the code worked. Thanks Neamtu.

Jacob 27 Sep 2023
rating stars green
rating stars disabled

I had my doubts but deceived to give it a try. The code was not only displayed at the instant but it really worked! Thank you team for such a great tool. Now I drive my Golf with pleasure!

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