Generate the code for your Seat radio from the serial number.

How To Find Your Seat Serial Number

All radio units that are fitted by default in Seat brand vehicles have an anti-theft system that is activated when there is a power interruption. This system is usually activated by changing the car battery, and if you do not have the card with the radio code, you find that you can no longer use the radio.

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Remove seat radio

If your SEZ serial number does not appear on the screen when you turn it on, you need to remove the radio. It is easy to remove a SEAT radio. You will need a flathead screwdriver and a lifting tool to remove the panels around the radio.

Some radio models require unlocking keys to remove the radio from the head unit.

Push in the keys. With a little pressure, you can remove the unit.

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SEAT Serial Number

SEAT Serial numbers consist of a combination of 14 digits and letters, for example SEZ1Z3F6412082. Please see the image for reference.

All SEAT serial numbers begin with SEZ followed by unique numbers. Make sure that all information is correct.

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Enter Your SEAT Radio Code

Once your radio is turned on and appears in ‘SAFE’ mode.

If ‘SAFE’ is not automatically displayed, press and hold simultaneously the buttons ‘SEEK’ and ‘SCAN’ or ‘MODE’ and ‘SCAN’. This depends on your radio model.

After about 3 seconds, „1000” will appear on the display.

Press key 1 until the correct first digit of the code is displayed.

Press key 2 until the correct second digit of the code is displayed.

Press key 3 until the correct third digit of the code is displayed.

Press key 4 until the correct fourth digit of the code is displayed.

Then press the > or „SEEK” button for 2 seconds to enter your SEAT radio code. Your code will be stored and access will be granted.

What a seat radio code is ?

– A seat radio code is a security feature that prevents unauthorized use of a car radio after it has been disconnected from the car’s battery.

– The seat radio code is a unique, four- or five-digit number that is assigned to the car’s radio.

How it works

– The seat radio code is activated when the car’s battery is disconnected. When the battery is reconnected, the radio will not work until the code is entered.

How to Find Your Seat Radio Code

A. Check your car manual – The car manual will often have the radio code printed inside the cover or in the section about the radio.

B. Check the car’s documentation – If the car is pre-owned, the previous owner may have written down the radio code and left it in the car’s documentation.

C. Check the radio itself – Some car radios will display the code when it is turned on, or by pressing a specific button combination.

D. Check the manufacturer’s website – Some car manufacturers will have the radio code available on their website. The owner will need to enter their car’s VIN number to access the code.

E. Call a dealership or service center – The dealership or service center may have the code on file, or they may be able to retrieve it using the car’s VIN number.

F. Use an online radio code generator – There are several online radio code generators that can provide the code based on the car’s VIN number and the serial number of the radio.

G. Steps to input the code – Once the code is obtained, the owner will need to enter it into the car radio using the radio’s buttons or touchscreen.

Tips for Keeping Your Seat Radio Code Safe

The radio code is an important security feature, and it should be kept confidential to prevent theft of the car or the radio.

– Keep the code in a safe place, such as a locked drawer or safe.

– Don’t write the code on the car or in a visible location. – Don’t share the code with others unless it is necessary.

– The seat radio code is a security feature that prevents unauthorized use of a car radio.

– The code can be found in the car manual, on the radio, or by contacting a dealership or service center.

– The code should be kept confidential to prevent theft.

– Having the radio code ensures that the car’s radio will work after the battery has been disconnected.

– It’s important to keep the radio code safe and to have it readily available in case it is needed.

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How to get your car radio code

Whatever the make of the car, the radio code is calculated from the serial number. This serial number is always found on the label attached to the box or on the display in some cases. Please note that it is not possible to calculate the code from the VIN.

You can find detailed information on how to find this number by visiting the page of the car model that belongs to you. Once this series is located, enter it in our powerful calculator and let the magic happen. Confirm your model, choose a payment method and receive the code instantly!